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VIPStand Watch The Golazo Show - Video 1 Live Sports Stream

"The launch of the CBS Sports Golazo Network demonstrates the continued evolution of our industry-leading soccer coverage as we build on the incredible momentum we have created the past three years delivering authentic, informative, engaging and entertaining content across multiple platforms," said Sean McManus, Chairman of CBS Sports. "Led by our best-in-class studio shows and announcers, more than 2,400 live soccer matches a year and now a dedicated soccer streaming network, CBS Sports is the ultimate destination for soccer fans."

VIPStand | Watch The Golazo Show - Video 1 Live Sports Stream

"Interest in soccer has never been stronger. By launching a first-of-its-kind streaming network in the U.S. dedicated to soccer globally, CBS Sports Golazo Network provides a tremendous growth opportunity by delivering unprecedented, round-the-clock coverage for passionate soccer fans," said Jeff Gerttula, Executive Vice President, Digital, CBS Sports and CBS News and Stations. "CBS Sports Golazo Network capitalizes on our existing soccer rights by building free audiences around CBS Sports and Pluto TV platforms while driving new subscribers and enhancing the sports experience for Paramount+."

There will be a highlight show right after the broadcast of the Wednesday's live match on Prime Video. This show will feature highlights of all matches played onWednesday. Once the live highlight show is over, it remains available as video on demand until Thursday 24:00 CET on Prime Video.

Yes, X-Ray for live sports provides additional information like real-time stats, live play-by-plays, team and player information, and more while you watch. Access X-Ray for any of the following devices: Fire TV: by clicking the up button on your Fire TV remote. iOS/Android phones: by rotating your device vertically or tapping the X-Ray button located in the top-left corner of the screen. iOS/Android tablet: by rotating your device vertically or tapping the X-Ray button located in the top-left corner of the screen. Web: by clicking on "stats and highlights."

When you open the Apple TV app (available on most major streaming platforms, Apple devices and the web), the MLS Season Pass is just another tab at the top of the app. You're immediately greeted with options to look at highlights of past games, add future matches to your Up Next page, or watch one of the service's many shows, such as MLS Review. Each club has its own page with highlights from past games and videos created by the clubs.

Unlike NFL RedZone, which is the NFL's whip-around show led by one host, MLS 360 features a large group of hosts and analysts, which includes McHugh, Kljestan, Kaylyn Kyle, Bradley Wright-Phillips and the rules expert Christina Unkel. MLS 360 lets you simultaneously watch all the day's games and catch the biggest moments from each one. The show switches between matches with live scores being displayed from each concurrent match. While that's happening you also have the hosts from the Countdown and Wrap-Up show reacting live to each game.

When the second match day came around this past weekend it was more of the same. The stream still looked stellar, and without any of the issues I noticed during match day 1. Besides that, there weren't many noticeable improvements to the service overall. I still did not find many of the larger live shows all that engaging and was just there for the soccer. Furthermore, once halftime arrived there was generic analysis but little in terms of the commentators talking to the fans and getting them excited about the next half of play. The same ads played drearily on repeat.

I love the MLS, but without a dedicated subscription option just to watch your local team, I find the price much too steep. Hopefully, Apple and MLS expand their options and increase the value proposition to really show other leagues the power that Apple can have in sports.

There is plenty of sports action to find on Prime Video via a number of Prime Video sports channels, which cover a wide range of sports and include both live streaming sports action and original programming.

MLB.TV gives subscribers as much baseball action as they can handle. With the Prime Video MLB.TV channel, baseball fans can watch live streams of games as well as on-demand replays of recently ended games. Subscribers can also personalize their MLB.TV channel, being sure to get easy access by picking their favorite team, so long as they are outside of their local market.

Paramount Plus has made some noise with its original series, but the streaming service also offers a number of live sports. With the Paramount Plus add-on, Prime Video subscribers can start to stream that live sports content, which includes US and international soccer and as well as CBS NFL coverage. 041b061a72


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