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The New Prince Of Tennis Episode 1

The episodes of The Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様, Tenisu no Ōjisama) anime series created by Takeshi Konomi are directed by Takayuki Hamana, animated by Trans Arts, and co-produced by Nihon Ad Systems, J.C.Staff, and Production I.G. The anime is an adaptation of Konomi's Prince of Tennis Japanese manga series.[1] The series revolves around a 12-year-old tennis prodigy named Ryoma Echizen, who moves back to his native Japan in order to attend his father's alma mater, Seishun Academy, a private middle school famous for its strong tennis team.

The New Prince of Tennis Episode 1

The anime series first aired on the terrestrial Japanese network TV Tokyo from October 10, 2001 to March 30, 2005, airing a total of one-hundred and seventy-eight episodes, which spanned across forty-five DVDs in Japan.[2] In April 2006, an OVA continuation of the anime began to be released on DVD, totaling thirteen episodes across seven DVDs.[3] A second OVA also began being released on DVD on June 22, 2007. It spanned a total of six episodes that are spread across three DVDs, the last of which being released on January 25, 2008.[4] The third and final installment in the National OVA series contains seven episodes spread across four DVDs released from April 25, 2008 to January 23, 2009. The OVAs are animated by Production I.G and Bandai Visual, with the latter also handling the DVD distribution of the OVAs in Japan along with Amuse Soft Entertainment.[5]

Viz Media handled the distribution of the series in North America,[6] where the episodes debuted as streaming media on Viz's and Cartoon Network's joint online broadband service called Toonami Jetstream on July 14, 2006.[7][8] It first began airing on North American television as part of Toonami's Saturday programming block on December 23, 2006.[9] However, it was removed from Toonami's schedule on June 9, 2007, and was also removed from Toonami Jetstream after episode fifty's broadcast on December 3, 2007. In April 2021, Funimation announced they acquired the series.[10]

As of January 15, 2008, a total of four DVD compilations, containing the first fifty episodes, have been released by Viz Media.[11] All four compilations contain three discs, each containing four episodes, save the final discs of the first two compilations, which contain five episodes.[12][13]

The Prince of Tennis II, known in Japan as The New Prince of Tennis (Japanese: 新テニスの王子様, Hepburn: Shin Tennis no Ōjisama), is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takeshi Konomi. It is a sequel to Konomi's manga series The Prince of Tennis. It has been serialized in Shueisha's shōnen manga magazine Jump Square since March 2009. A 13-episode anime television series adaptation was broadcast on TV Tokyo from January to March 2012. A new anime television series titled The Prince of Tennis II: U-17 World Cup aired from July to September 2022.

The New Prince of Tennis is set shortly after the end of the original manga. Ryoma Echizen returns to Japan after his trip to America as a candidate for the Japanese U-17 (under 17) High School Representatives Selection Camp, along with 50 other middle school tennis players.

A 13-episode anime television series adaptation by Production I.G and M.S.C ran from January 5 to March 29, 2012.[7][a] The episodes were collected in seven DVDs, released from April 20, 2012,[9] to April 24, 2013.[10] Each DVD included a special original video animation (OVA) episode.[9][10] Crunchyroll streamed the series.[11]

His usual tennis gear outside of his Seigaku Regular uniform is a white short sleeved collar shirt with the sleeves being red (along with the top part of his collar having 2 red lines) and black (or a very dark shade of blue) shorts. On occasions, Ryoma wears a dark-and-light red jacket over his white-red shirt. He is most often seen in his Seigaku Regular's uniform or his school uniform.

Ryoma can be quite arrogant at times, but is usually able to back up his statements with his tennis skills. He is usually distrustful of other tennis players, and often provokes his opponent before a match. In the beginning of the series, Ryoma is not taken seriously by the other students at his school, especially at the Seishun Tennis Club. It is only after he beats two of Seishun's regulars (Kaoru Kaidō and Sadaharu Inui) that he gains respect from fellow club members. He is also unafraid almost to the point of recklessness, but rarely gets angry or out of control. In the TeniPuri family chibi episodes, Ryoma is the eldest son of the family and always creates all sorts of troubles. In other chibi episodes, he is mostly shown very skilled.

At the beginning of the series, all of Ryoma's tennis skills are a copy of his father's. With the help of his team captain, Kunimitsu Tezuka, Ryoma realizes his need to develop his own style of tennis if he intends to reach his goal and defeat his father.

Although Ryoma has a rather tunneled vision as to whom he considers a rival (his father, Tezuka, and Fuji), there are many that view the first year as just that. One of the more notable examples of this in the anime is Kevin Smith, the son of the tennis coach George Smith, who was defeated by Nanjiro Echizen fifteen years ago in defense of George's pupil Rinko Takeuchi, who becomes Ryoma's mother. Kevin appears later in the series in the "friendly" match between the U.S.A West Coast Region and the Japan Kanto Region. Kevin became obsessed with wanting to play Ryoma because of their pasts, whereas in the beginning Ryoma regarded Kevin's threats with a rather unconcerned attitude until he saw him play against Yamabuki's Jin Akutsu in the streets. Tezuka was unimpressed with Ryoma's attitude toward the matches, and as a result, Ryoma is forced to earn his place as a reserve player.

He has many girl fans that are so obsessed with him. He currently doesn't show any interest in girls because of his dedication toward tennis. Occasionally, he has been seen dismissing them. Although his apathetic nature, he does show Sakuno his genuine concern. In the anime, he has saved her from time to time. In the manga (Chapter 306), he threw a tennis ball at a thief for making the prepared food she made drop onto the floor.

He defeated everyone that he battled except against his captain, Tezuka. It should be noted that while he inherited his father's tennis skills and cockiness, his way of thinking seems to be more similar to his mother as he is shown to be quite serious, studious, and silent when possible. He finally defeats Tezuka and then returns to America for the US Open. 041b061a72


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