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Dan Wilkerson
Dan Wilkerson

465 - 467 Library Of The Flaws - Google Drive ((HOT))

This problem is addressed by Shbair et al. [409] by adopting a hierarchical classification to identify the service provider (e.g.,, followed by the type of service (e.g., that are encapsulated in TLS-based HTTPS sessions. They start with the reconstruction of TLS connections from the HTTPS traces and label them using the Server Name Identification (SNI) field, creating the service provider-service hierarchy. These labeled connections are used to build: (i) a classifier to differentiate between service providers, and (ii) a classifier for each service provider to differentiate between their corresponding services. This hierarchical approach reduces the effort required to retrain the classifiers in the event of an addition of a new service. They use statistical features extracted over encrypted payload with CFS and employ C4.5 DT and RF classifiers.

465 - 467 Library Of The Flaws - Google Drive



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