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Pan whines. Lyra asks him to stop. He asks where the daemons are, and she tells him there are plenty of worlds without daemons. Pan insists some of them should have daemons, but they don't. Lyra tucks him in her pocket.

You have requested : His.Dark.Materials.S03e04....

Mrs. Coulter expresses her devotion to the Magisterium and MacPhail, and he holds out his ring for her to kiss, which she does. She grabs his wrist, urges him to remember what they have done together, and kisses his ring again.

Lyra asks to make a deal -- she must go to the land of the dead and get back. Her Death says that one day she will be able to go without all the extra effort. Lyra says she and Will need to speak to people who have died.

Will and Lyra follow Lyra's Death down a corridor. Will assures Lyra she can still back out, and she says so can he. She says even if she doesn't come back, she will have died doing something important.

Will says it's unfair since he doesn't have to leave any part of himself behind. The boatman tells him he does, but he can't see it. Lyra tries to get Pan on the boat, but Pan runs off. The boatman insists it's not a rule he can break, and no one has ever returned.

Marisa also had some sort of relationship with Gerard Bonneville, after which he developed an obsession with her. He was not long out of prison at the time when Lyra was taken to the Priory, for an offense like assault and involving young girls.[11] Marisa was the chief prosecution witness and the case gained coverage as Bonneville swore his revenge in the dock.[12] Bonneville used to be an authority on elementary particles, leading a group in Paris researching the Rusakov field. The Magisterium was not keen to let him continue and both it and Marisa may have had considerable influence in his imprisonment.

Oakley Street believed that the witch prophecy was part of the reason for the Magisterium and Marisa's renewed interest in Lyra. Bud Schlesinger speculated that Bonneville's interest in Lyra was as a bargaining tool, as he also knew of the prophecy and was becoming increasingly desperate, unable to find work after his release.[11] Bonneville had even claimed to some that he was Lyra's father. This may have been a ploy to help him gain access to her, or because he had some sort of liaison with Marisa, who was interested in gaining information from physicists.[13]

It was whilst under the care of the gyptians of Eastern Anglia, after Lyra had escaped Marisa's flat, that Lyra learned Marisa's true identity as her mother, and Asriel as her father. John Faa speculated that Marisa must have had something over Dr Carne for him to let her take Lyra. He suggested that Marisa would never have defied Asriel if he were free but that his imprisonment had shifted the balance of power.[8] Marisa relentlessly pursued Lyra - sending spy-flies across England and using her political powers to begin a police search for a young girl of Lyra's description, however the two did not meet again until Lyra reached Mrs Coulter's research station at Bolvangar.

Once Marisa learnt that Lyra had flown to Svalbard, she followed in a transport zeppelin, intending to have Asriel killed on arrival and regain control of the bears. She wanted to reach the city in the sky before him to thwart his intentions. Both she and Asriel wanted a child for the experiment, aware of the energy intercision produced. Lyra assumed that they were both after the alethiometer, when she read it, although found it strange that the instrument did not reference itself.[21]

Marisa then travelled to a ship near to Svalbard where a witch formerly allied to Bolvangar was being held captive. The only woman present among men of the Church and the alethiometrist Fra Pavel, she criticised the discipline on board for starting the torture when she ordered them to wait. When Cardinal Sturrock implied that Marisa might have been keeping information from them about Lyra, she furiously demanded that the men tell her about the prophecy, admitting that her daughter was born in shame but that this did not lessen her right to know.

Carried away and impatient, she revealed that she had got close to finding out Lyra's other name from the witch near Svalbard. Boreal told her that the alethiometer would bring Lyra to them and speculated that the intercision of her bodyguards might have made such men free to travel in Cittàgazze.

She insisted on 'pleasing' Boreal and her dæmon ran his black hands along the body of the serpent dæmon as Boreal sighed in pleasure. Eventually, Marisa was able to persuade him to reveal the existence of a knife that could cut anything, the reason for his pursuit of Will.Feldt watched as Marisa poisoned Boreal's wine, the man too distracted with pleasure and too intoxicated to resist or suspect her. The witch could have killed her at any point whilst watching but was transfixed with curiosity. She did not notice the spectres gathering around her.

Marisa was surprised when Will announced that he would set out to find Asriel having had confirmation that Lyra was safe. She mastered herself and calmly responded that she thought he would help them, although she deliberately did not plead with him. When they shook hands upon his departure, Will found himself liking her despite himself: because she was brave but also because she was like a more complex, richer and deeper Lyra. When Will later spoke to Iorek, he reasoned that she must have been lying and that she'd lie to make her life harder because she liked to lie so much. He was frustrated when both Iorek and Balthamos agreed that he was foolish to go to Marisa because it meant all he wanted was to see her again. He was angry that she had captivated him and dominated his every thought, even those about Lyra, his father and his mother.[37]

Noting her energy and liveliness despite the danger they were in, Will accused Marisa of deliberately breaking the knife; she denied the accusation and blamed him. She claimed to have wanted the knife whole to escape with. As Lyra obtained full consciousness, her mother fired carefully from the cave mouth, intently following the progress of the battle. Whilst Will contemplated rushing her mid-shot, Marisa suddenly cried out and clutched at her ankle. The Gallivespian Chevalier Tialys had stung her but the situation had quickly become a stalemate when her dæmon snatched his partner, Lady Salmakia, from the air. Will was able to catch the gun because both woman and monkey were rendered motionless. Marisa's face was distorted with pain and fury but she dared not move as Tialys had his poisoned spur at her neck. Breathing deeply and swallowing to master her pain, she turned to Will to ask him what should be done.[38]

Marisa was held captive in a small chamber in Asriel's Adamant Tower. She cried out for Lyra, her appearance significantly dishevald by her anguish, and her dæmon thrashed around on the floor where he was coiled in a silver chain. Asriel claimed that he did not care about Lyra's fate, arguing that she should have stayed put and done as she was told. He declared that he was not going to waste further time and resources on her if she did not want to be helped. Marisa insisted that he did not really mean that, but Asriel interrupted her before she could point out evidence for him caring about Lyra. He and Marisa continued to argue about her achievements and attributes.

MacPhail began their conservation once alone by informing her that she was naturally under arrest. She claimed to have come voluntarily, having escaped from Asriel's fortress and intending to pass over a great deal of information. When he asked her to speak of Lyra, she emphasised that Lyra was approaching the cusp of adolescence and sarcastically expressed the hope that he was satisfied with the Church's interventions likely precipitating catastrophe. He replied that it was her duty to bring Lyra to them and questioned why such an intelligent woman believed she could hide in a cave. Marisa argued that much was probably a mystery to him, starting with the mother-child relationship. She said that he was stupid if he ever thought she would give Lyra up to men obsessed with sexuality and with perverted minds and unclean bodies.

Brother Louis returned before the President could respond and was disappointed to be sent away again. Marisa and MacPhail continued to discuss the relative threats of the tempter, Asriel and the boy with the knife. She claimed to be responsible for the breaking of the knife but reported that it was now mended again. When he revealed that the Church already knew as much, she noted that Fra Pavel's reading speed must have improved.

Once alone and locked in the shabby guest room, Marisa located and disconnected two hidden microphones. She was then horribly surprised to see Lord Roke on the chest of drawers; neither she nor dæmon had noticed him before. Once calm again, she acerbically questioned whether he would have waited until before or after she had undressed to reveal himself. Roke threatened to attack the monkey if he did not calm down and was unaffected by the malice of the glare he received in return. He reported that he had just been in contact with an agent at the fortress and that Asriel had requested that his compliments were passed on to her and was enquiring about the CCD's intentions.

She was dismayed to see that only about half the amount she had cut was in the envelope and deduced that MacPhail must have kept some back. The golden monkey suddenly cut them off just before MacPhail opened the door and harshly demanded to know what happened to Dr Cooper and the hair. Marisa's genuine exhaustion and reaction to the bright light disconcerted MacPhail, as it meant she could not have left the bed. He claimed she must have had an accomplice. Marisa played dumb and Roke noted the quality of her acting as she made a scene at finding the locket on her pillow and angrily demanding to know how it was removed from her neck.She was able to match MacPhail's own bewilderment in her responses and bitingly remarked that the assassin must have been the Devil, quite at home among the CCD.MacPhail ordered the guards to chain her and take her to the cellars. He expressed satisfaction at realising exactly what he wanted to do with her. Marisa wildly cast around until she made brief but meaningful eye contact with Lord Roke.[41] 041b061a72


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