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NEW! Full Pc Study Bible 5

biblesoft's unique user-friendly interface is designed to help you study the bible with ease and efficiency. with our smartview feature, youll find all sorts of study tools easily accessible on the left or right side of the screen. click on the words youre looking for and youll find it immediately, no clicking through pages of pop-up windows, tabs or menus. just scroll, click, and study!

FULL pc study bible 5

the mac/pc study bible offers numerous powerful features such as the bible index, concordance, exegetical dictionary, expository dictionary, treasury of scripture knowledge, vine's expository dictionary of biblical words, thayer's greek lexicon, thesaurus, the king james bible and many more. the study note feature allows you to author your own content which will seamlessly integrate with the rest of your library. this is no longer supported and is primarily provided for users of version 3 who wish to upgrade to a newer version, although it does not require a previous version in order to install and use.

features biblesoft bible study bible 5 complete reference library this offering from biblesoft comes in six different versions to suit your needs; discovery, new reference library, reference plus library, complete reference library, advanced reference library and professional reference library. this powerful bible study program combines all the elements required for simple and succesful study. powerful word-searching facilities using exhaustive concordances allow you to display you results for each bible verse in context, while the treasury of scripture knowledge contains over a million cross references. with commentaries and background information such as matthew henry's commentary and the international standard bible encyclopedia as well as bible maps, vine's expository dictionary of biblical words and thayer's greek lexicon to name but a few, this package allows you to conduct easy yet in depth bible study searches. bible study bible complete reference library will also do the searching for you with it's automatic information facility- all you have to do is type in the required verse-and the most important background information will be automatically displayed. you can also create your own bible reading plans based on your own pace and requirements, this can be updated at any time. 6 comprehensive commentaries 9 full colour bible maps numerous greek and hebrew helps 4 word study reference works can be linked to other biblesoft programs. manufacturer's product code: our product ref: pcbibc -->


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