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Mahabharatham Kilippattu Malayalam PDF Download

Mahabharatham Kilippattu is a Malayalam poetic translation of the Mahabharata, the epic of ancient India. It was composed by Thunchaththu Ramanujan Ezhuthachan, who is considered as the father of Malayalam literature. Mahabharatham Kilippattu is widely regarded as a masterpiece of Malayalam poetry and a faithful rendition of the original Sanskrit text.

Download Zip:

If you are looking for a PDF version of Mahabharatham Kilippattu in Malayalam, you can find some online sources that offer free download or reading options. Here are some of them:

  • []: This website has a scanned copy of a very old manuscript of Mahabharatham and Ramayanam Kilippattu from 1870. You can download it as a PDF file or view it online. The quality of the scan is not very clear, but it is still readable.

  • [Vyasa Mahabharatham - Malayalam - Kunjikuttan Thampuran / Vidvan K Prakasam]: This website has two versions of Mahabharatham Kilippattu in Malayalam. One is in padyam (verse) form by Kodungallore Kunji Kuttan Thampuran, and the other is in gadyam (prose) form by Vidvan K Prakasam. You can download them as PDF files or view them online.

  • [മഹഭരത കളപ്പട്ട് - വക്കപഡയ]: This is the Wikipedia page for Mahabharatham Kilippattu in Malayalam. It has some information about the history, structure, and style of the work. It also has links to some other websites that have Mahabharatham Kilippattu in Malayalam.

We hope you find these sources useful and enjoy reading Mahabharatham Kilippattu in Malayalam.


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