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The Masnavi By Rumi

Rumi Masnavi is one of the greatest books of all times. Its language is symbolic. The author uses small stories, depicting day to day incidents, to make important points. Reading carefully one discovers a pattern and a structure underlying the six books of the Masnavi. The six books covers different stages in sufi path. Through out this long poem (which comprises 26000 couplets), Rumi interprets numerous Ayats from the Holy Quran and Traditions from the ife of the Prophet Muhammad (PHUM) and other prophets of Allah Almighty, may Allah be pleasaed with all of them. This book is a must read for all the students and intellectuals who want to understand the meaning of life. It should be mentioned that they cannot understand and live a life of meaning by focusing solely on western sciences. This is because western sciences are developed to control the physical world, the nature around man. Their foundations are not based on divine principles. Naturally they lead to disturbing conclusions that life is meaningless, a one time affiar, and we need to enjoy it to our fill. And enjoyment is sensual enjoyment. Rumi, the master sufi saint, help students understand how to go beyond the imprisonment of senses. Carefully reading (and re-reading) the masnavi, one can gain insights into how to control one's inner bad self and develop a unity/confirmity with the nature and Allah Almighty. Sang e meel publishers can think about dividing the book into two or three volumes. It is a book that one should read carefully and slowly. It requires reflection. Therefore, it should be in a form that is easy to handle. Currently, it is too massive and bulky. It is unfortunate that we are reading Rumi in English rather than in Persian which is the language of this part of the world. This is also unfortunate that many Western popularizers of Rumi are becoming best sellers by copying incorrectly copying and interpreting Rumi's stories. We should make this book more accessible to our young people. There is some reason why it is considered one of the greatest books in entire human history.

The Masnavi by Rumi

DOWNLOAD: is unaffiliated with any religious or governmental organization. Its goal is to present the Masnavi of Jalāl ad-Dīn Muhammad Rūmī Balkhī (more widely known as Rumi in some countries and as Mawlānā or Mevlânâ in others) in such a way as to make it more accessible to readers from all walks of life. As such, it is hoped that this site will be found beneficial by both interested members of the public and specialists. While apparently the first of its kind in the category of free online offerings of the Masnavi together with its translations, also serves as an excellent resource for native speakers of Persian. The site currently includes a number of features distinguishing it from virtually every other offering of the poem, whether printed or online. Among them are the following:

We are also looking for a volunteer to manage our official facebook page. He or she would be responsible for promoting the site, answering questions posted to the page, and reporting feature suggestions/bug reports to the developers. Please email us at if you're interested.

Be that as it may, it costs money to have a website on the internet at all. That is to say, there are non-trivial monthly expenses for keeping this site up and running. If you value the Masnavi and all this site has to offer, please make a generous donation through our secure paypal page by clicking the "Donate" button above or below. Without your contributions, will quickly disappear.

Those who are familiar with web development are most welcome to contribute. Knowledge of Python, JS, JQuery, NoSQL DBs, Django, or UI design are all a big plus, but by no means required. If you are interested in helping and probably learning something new, please email as soon as convenience allows.

You can reach us at Feel free to send us comments, questions, and feature requests. However, due to a high volume of emails and an (extremely) short handed group of volunteers working on the site, we can't gurantee a response to every email. We sincerely appreciate your concern and interest in taking your time to contact us, whatever it may be.

One member of the team has done a computer analysis of the textual differences between the Yazdi edition and the Abdolkarim Soroush edition (the most accurate edition on the Internet that conforms to the oldest manuscript) and found 359 differences in the wording of verses and headings (some that are very minor, such as prepositions). Therefore, there are several options in the future in regard to the Persian text and recitation: to keep the Yazdi edition as it is and tolerate the differences, to correct the differences, or to replace the Yazdi edition with the Soroush edition. For the latter two options, it would be desirable to re-record the audio files in the cases where the recitations need to be corrected in order to conform to the most accurate Persian editions.

Walters manuscript W.626 is an illustrated and illuminated copy of the collection of poems, known as Masnavi-i ma'navi, of Jalal al-Din Rumi (died 672 AH/AD 1273). According to the colophon (fol. 314b), the text, written in black Nasta'liq script, was completed in India in 1073 AH/AD 1663. Each section of the work is introduced by a double-page illuminated incipit containing a preface in prose, followed by two illustrations and an illuminated incipit page for the masnavi. In total, 50 paintings illustrate the text. The green leather binding is modern.

Masnavi in Urdu literature is a form of poetry. It is in the majority of cases a poetic romance. It may extend to several thousand lines, but generally is much shorter. A few masnavis deal with ordianry domestic and other occurrences. Mir and Sauda wrote some of this kind. They are always in heroic couplets, and the common metre is bacchic tetrameter with an iambus for last foot.[11] 041b061a72


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