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Ornatrix 2.0

Ornatrix 2.0: A Powerful Tool for Hair, Fur and Feather Creation in Maya

Ornatrix is a plugin for Autodesk Maya that allows artists to create realistic and stylized hair, fur and feathers for their characters and scenes. It is developed by Ephere, a company that specializes in creating tools for digital content creation. Ornatrix has been used by many studios and artists for projects such as The Witcher 3, Horizon Zero Dawn, Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and more.


In June 2018, Ephere released a new version of Ornatrix 2.0 for Maya, which introduced many new features and improvements to the existing workflow. Some of the highlights of Ornatrix 2.0 are:

  • Moov Hair physics: A new way to simulate any type of hair, complex or simple, using a fast and stable solver that can handle collisions, self-intersections, and external forces. Moov Hair physics can also be combined with other dynamics operators for more control and variety.

  • Harmonic Oscillator operator: A quick and easy way to simulate basic fur and hair dynamics in real-time, using a simple spring model that can be adjusted with parameters such as stiffness, damping, and frequency.

  • Clumping operator: A powerful tool to create clumps of hair with various shapes and patterns, such as curls, braids, dreadlocks, and more. The clumping operator allows per-clump management and editing, as well as the ability to use clump patterns from images or procedural textures.

  • Braids Shape: A new shape that allows creating procedural braid patterns on the hair surface with ease. The braids shape can be customized with parameters such as braid size, twist angle, offset, and randomness.

  • Push Away From Surface operator: A useful tool to fix surface penetration issues by pushing the hair away from the underlying mesh. The operator can also be animated to create effects such as hair growth or shrinkage.

  • Resolve Collisions operator: A robust tool to keep the hair away from an object, such as a hat or a helmet, with animation controls. The operator can also handle complex shapes and multiple objects.

  • Change Width operator: An improved way of controlling the hair width along the strand length, using a curve editor or an image map. The operator also supports tapering and randomization options.

  • Alembic import/export: The ability to import and export hair from external assets using the Alembic file format, which preserves all the information such as strand groups, UVs, colors, widths, etc.

  • Adopt External Guides operator: A new option to use a separate guides object for controlling pre-modeled hair, such as from XGen or Yeti. The operator can transfer the guides attributes to the Ornatrix hair object and vice versa.

  • Weaver and Weaver Pattern: A new feature to generate woven hairs such as in rattan furniture, wire fences, or cloth. The weaver can use any mesh as a base and apply a weaver pattern to create the weave effect.

  • Scatter operator: A new feature to create feathers and foliage on the hair surface, using custom proxy meshes that can be scattered along the strands with various parameters such as density, scale, rotation, etc.

  • Ornatrix V-Ray Primitive: A new option to smoothly render hair with low segment counts using V-Ray's native hair primitive. The primitive can also support motion blur and depth of field effects.

Ornatrix 2.0 for Maya is available for purchase from Ephere's website for $499 USD. A free demo version is also available for download. For more information and tutorials on Ornatrix 2.0 for Maya, you can visit Ephere's YouTube channel or their documentation page.

Ornatrix 2.0 for Maya is a powerful and versatile tool for creating hair, fur and feathers in Maya. Whether you are working on realistic or stylized characters or scenes, Ornatrix 2.0 can help you achieve your artistic vision with ease and efficiency.


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