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Tabletop Hack

We publish high quality indie tabletop roleplaying games. From superheroes and cyberpunk, to supernatural or educational, we've got some of the best pen and paper rpgs around. Subscribe to our newsletter to hear about our upcoming releases.

Tabletop Hack


This gorgeous Ikea hack corner desk made with glossy IKEA LINNMON tables, not only works well in corner configurations but also in other spaces, like this one.Love that bright and beautiful magenta chair!

Standing desks are super popular these days, but are expensive. Here is an awesome hack to make an Ikea hack standing desk for much much less. And the legs are adjustable so you can make it any height you wish! . Source

If your on the lookout for another afforable ($150) DIY craft table with lots of quick and accessible storage, then this Ikea craft desk hack is a must try! This is the one I created in my craft workspace.

This Ikea hack slim desk is functional and perfect for small spaces and budgets. There is plenty of room for a laptop, and has storage drawers as an bonus. This shelf can also be attached directly to the wall to create a floating desk ikea hack. Source

Love the clean look to this diy desk, and those legs! This blogger also used a teal Ikea Raskog cart to organize more office supplies beside her desk. Some awesome Ikea office hacks here. This would make a great desk for kids or teenagers room. Source

Check out this clever and functional Ikea hack done by Wendy where she uses the Lagkapten and Alex drawers to make a desk for her teenage daughter. The desk is large (6 feet in length) so it can be used to organize items on top with a large desktop space for working/homework.

Hi Claudia,I am looking for a desk hack for use in an office/ guest room. I was thinking of a desk with a nested table for larger projects. I thought I had seen something using the IKEA LINNMON series with some casters and adjustable legs, I can't seem to find it now. Any suggestions?

Hi Claudia! I absolutely love your desk :) Thank you for letting me share it with others. Looks like the original link had changed since I first wrote this piece. I just updated it with the new link and it works now (thanks for letting me know). Your desk hack is #17. Let me know if it looks good on your end.

We have John Battle to thank for creating .dungeon, taking inspiration from games like Sword Art Online and .hack//, as well as a little bit of Digimon thrown in for good measure. The idea is to create a virtual MMO on the tabletop using concepts and nomenclature that any gamer will understand.

As the holiday season creeps up quickly, I am in work mode over here, furiously trying to get things done. I have projects to finish and rooms to decorate and complete. Honestly I think I take on a little too much when it comes to the holidays. I love having everything done before December hits so I can sit back and enjoy the time instead of stress. When it comes to decor, I have really tried to keep things simple, and I am always looking for unique ways to change up my decor. Something I love using in my decor are tabletop trees.

I have seen a couple different applications online where people have used faux brown paper bags, or even fabric to conceal the ugly base of tabletop Christmas trees. One idea I had was to use some fabric stiffener and use it one some drop cloth to create a bag of sorts to wrap around the base of my miniature tree.

So, I decided to try them out. The first step was to open the brown paper sack. I wanted the bag to have a more worn look so I rolled the top down twice to create a hem at the top. I then put the small tabletop Christmas tree in the bag and adjusted it to where I wanted it to be. Next, I used my hands to smooth out the creases and add a couple wrinkles to give it a more worn look.

Hack and slash, also known as hack and slay (H&S or HnS) or slash 'em up,[1][2] refers to a type of gameplay that emphasizes combat with melee-based weapons (such as swords or blades). They may also feature projectile-based weapons as well (such as guns) as secondary weapons. It is a sub-genre of beat 'em up games, which focuses on melee combat usually with swords. Hack-and-slash action games are sometimes known as character action games.

The term "hack and slash" was originally used to describe a play style in tabletop role-playing games, carrying over from there to MUDs, MMORPGs, and role-playing video games. In arcade and console style action video games, the term has an entirely different usage, specifically referring to action games with a focus on real-time combat with hand-to-hand weapons as opposed to guns or fists. The two types of hack-and-slash games are largely unrelated, though action role-playing games may combine elements of both.

In the context of action video games, the terms "hack and slash" or "slash 'em up"[1][2] refer to melee weapon-based action games that are a sub-genre of beat 'em ups. Traditional 2D side-scrolling examples include Taito's The Legend of Kage (1985)[2] and Rastan (1987),[1][3] Sega's arcade video game series Shinobi (1987 debut)[1][4] and Golden Axe (1989 debut),[5][6] Data East's arcade game Captain Silver (1987),[1] Tecmo's early Ninja Gaiden (Shadow Warriors) 2D games (1988 debut),[1] Capcom's Strider (1989),[2][7] the Sega Master System game Danan: The Jungle Fighter (1990),[1] Taito's Saint Sword (1991),[1] Vivid Image's home computer game First Samurai (1991),[2] and Vanillaware's Dragon's Crown (2013).[4] The term "hack-and-slash" in reference to action-adventure games dates back to 1987, when Computer Entertainer reviewed The Legend of Zelda and said it had "more to offer than the typical hack-and-slash" epics.[8]

In the early 21st century, journalists covering the video game industry often use the term "hack and slash" to refer to a distinct genre of 3D, third-person, weapon-based, melee action games. Examples include Capcom's Devil May Cry, Onimusha, and Sengoku Basara[9] franchises, Koei Tecmo's Dynasty Warriors and 3D Ninja Gaiden games, Sony's Genji: Dawn of the Samurai and God of War, as well as Bayonetta, Darksiders, Dante's Inferno,[10][11][12] and No More Heroes. The genre is sometimes known as "character action" games, and represent a modern evolution of traditional arcade action games. This subgenre of games was largely defined by Hideki Kamiya, creator of Devil May Cry and Bayonetta.[13] In turn, Devil May Cry (2001) was influenced by earlier hack-and-slash games including Onimusha: Warlords (2001)[14] and Strider.[15][16]

The term "hack and slash" itself has roots in "pen and paper" RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons, denoting campaigns of violence with no other plot elements or significant goal. The term itself dates at least as far back as 1980, as shown in a Dragon article by Jean Wells and Kim Mohan which includes the following statement: "There is great potential for more than hacking and slashing in D&D or AD&D; there is the possibility of intrigue, mystery and romance involving both sexes, to the benefit of all characters in a campaign."[17]

Hack and slash made the transition from the tabletop to role-playing video games, usually starting in D&D-like worlds.[18] This form of gameplay influenced a wide range of action role-playing games, including games such as Xanadu[19] and Diablo.[20][21]

I desperately needed a desk in my guest room/office. I mean, it's not much of an office without a desk right? After scouring Craigslist for about a week and one failed attempt to pick up my dream desk, I decided to just hack one together.

After searching around for DIY desks, I decided to go the Ikea tabletop + fancy leg route. I'm not up to doing actual woodworking at this point. My father has lost 2.5 fingers due to circular saws so I stay far, far away from those. I promise it would take something crazy to loose a finger making the desk I came up with.

This page started as a list of tabletop games that touch on information security. It has evolved to be scoped to physical things: discussion-prompting cards are included, software, including CTFs, are excluded. I'm not aware of an attempt to catalog software games with a security teaching goal.

Another easy standing desk hack, this simple solution has only a short tabletop (there are many options to choose from) and some basic brackets, like the SIBBHULT. Another great option for those who are short on space!

A clever way to combine storage, stability and standing desk health benefits, this IKEA standing desk hack uses KALLAX (formerly EXPEDIT) shelves, BULLIG storage cubes, another KALLAX shelf in a different configuration, and a large LACK shelf to create a deep, multi-functional desk. Click this link to view the original instructions for how to assemble this desk, since drilling is required.

One of the most popular (and easy) IKEA desk hacks is to rest a countertop (like the KARLBY) on top of some ALEX drawers. Fast, efficient, and offering plenty of space to store office equipment, this option is also very affordable.

Similar to the option above, this IKEA ALEX drawer hack incorporates a SKÅDIS pegboard overhead. Using the IKEA SKÅDIS hooks, you can configure your own custom storage for items like headphones, extra cords, and even plastic SKÅDIS boxes (also with lids) for small items like paper clips, pens, tape, etc.

This desk uses a curved tabletop (similar to BEKANT) atop two drawers that feature stylish ÖSTERNÄS leather pulls. For extra storage and space to decorate, Stefen also added LACK shelve


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