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Real Teens Porn ~REPACK~

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Oh, and if you want to try swinging the other way, we also did another list with nothing but top ten best milf pornstars and probably the hottest GIFLS in the whole universe. The list was last updated in early 2023 for up to date info.

Having recently turned 19, Diana Rius is another teen adult performer that looks way older than she is. It could have something to do with her chubby looks. I know more than a few teens that could trick anyone into thinking they are in their late 20s. Honestly, no idea why that is the case as most of us assume that extra fat helps with the appearance, at least as far as wrinkles go as these get stretched, right? Maybe only in later years?

Now this one is an interesting catch. First, when we discovered Lucie, she was only 18 years old. Sitting at 22 now, we felt like with the young porn star face and the massive tits (that seem natural), we had to include her too.

It looks like she used too much alcohol or some shit (correction: it was infection that spread to kidney) and has died in early 2018. So, no more new porn from her but at least you can enjoy what they filmed earlier. Tragic? Yes. Are you horny? Double yes.

Oh boy, we love young porn star meat and we love when they squirt or piss the vagina juice all over the place. She is one of the best-looking teens out there. Admit it, she rocks an unprecedented sense of style, beautiful slim body, nice natural tits, black hair, and overall is a great combo. Also, what we love about Janice most is this: she does anal.

Despite being at this age (18 that is), Marina seems to be okay with taking multiple dicks at once and has no issues with facials, anal, or any of that. So, is this a perfect, teen-like-looking pornstar? Well, not really but with beautiful tits and a petite body, she does indeed sit higher than some of the other, not-so-hot pornstars on our list.

Now, this miss has been featured on few of our lists already, including the hottest Russian pornstars. Still, we have a pretty good explanation for all of it. First, she does anal and creampies, as in the video above.

When you see someone riding cock that good, the first thing that does not come to your mind is: wow, that is an 18-year-old pornstar that is pretty amateur. I am sure that Charity could fool anyone into believing that she has worked in the industry for tens of years.

Amateurish but in the hottest way possible. Just look at Alyce jerking this dick off and shooting cum in her mouth. She has no idea WTF is happening and is curious. In the end, freaked out, and this is exactly why we love teen porn stars. Alyce Anderson is one of the youngest pornstars to date, still 18-years old, and will stay a teen for the next two years. Catch them while they are less known and hot. A rare Pokémon that will be listed here up until 2024.

You are about to enter a website that contains explicit material (pornography). This website should only be accessed if you are at least 18 years old or of legal age to view such material in your local jurisdiction, whichever is greater. Furthermore, you represent and warrant that you will not allow any minor access to this site or services.

Your child sits on the computer sees a meaningless blog post on a cartoon forum. The post contains a link. Your child doesn't really know much, and casually clicks the link. Your child didn't know it was a SPAM link from a nameless person on the other side of the world who cares nothing for cartoons. The screen opens up to a graphic video of a person being killed. A real person being killed, not a hollywood actor. Your child has just been traumatized, in the span of a the time it takes to make toast, there are now images embedded in your child that will never be removed, and cannot be undone. This is a true story, it is not far-fetched, and similar versions of it happens all the time. The same scenario can play out with pornography, or any other wretched type of video or imagery that should never come across the eyes of your child. As adults, this stuff can sicken us as it is, but we have built up resilience and are better able to process it, even though some of it can linger in us as well. A child is still innocent. We all know the argument "well that is the real world!" It sure is. The real world contains a lot of terrible things, and a parent's job is to protect their children from the real world so they can have a time of innocence and growth. "The real world" argument is never an excuse to expose a child to everything that happens in it. A child is not meant to witness the brutal raw reality of full human depravity and those who do need special guidance and love.

One of the most important ways to protect your child is to regulate their internet access. And this means do not give your child private access to the internet in their bedroom. A computer in a child's bedroom is basically saying "I concede, go ahead and have access to porn and snuff films and chat with strangers, I trust your judgment." Do you really trust your child's judgment? Children are naturally curious about the world. If you give your child private, bedroom access to the internet, you should pretty much just tell yourself that viewing pornography will be a given. 79% of youth unwanted exposure to pornography occurs in the home. Four out of five 16 year-olds regularly access pornography online. 12% of all websites are porn sites.

Nine out of 10 children aged between eight and 16 have viewed pornography on the Internet. In most cases, the sex sites were accessed unintentionally when a child, often in the process of doing homework, used a seemingly innocent sounding word to search for information or pictures. (London School of Economics January 2002).

Of students aged 13 and 14 from schools across Alberta, Canada, 90 percent of males and 70 percent of females reported accessing sexually explicit media content at least once. (Thompson, Sonya. "Study Shows 1 in 3 Boys Heavy Porn Users". University of Alberta Study, 5 March 2007, -stat/com...0&keys=porn-rural-teens.)

If your child has a lot of private access to the internet, there is a good chance exposure has already happened. This is where communication and parent-child relationships are key. Don't let your child create a secret "hidden" world, this will only reinforce a duality within them that will carry onto adulthood. Many teenagers have not just viewed porn, they are addicted to it. Millions of porn consumers are children under 18, who watch it regularly. In the same way a hard drug like crack can create an instant addiction, porn is equally as powerful. The first time a child sees it may be unintentional, but immediately they are hooked, and will want more. If this is done in secret, then your child begins to lose their integrity as they have both an outside and hidden side to themselves. Addictions rob people of so much in life, and you do not want your child to carry an addiction to porn into adulthood. The best way to help a child exposed is to bring it into the light, so that the "secret world" is no more. Find a counselor to help you through it, and establish communication and trust with your child.

However with the virtual exposure to the world comes the increased exposure to world dangers. Children are sharing an exceptional amount of information about themselves online, especially on social networking sites, which makes them more susceptible to crimes such as bullying and child enticement or to having sensitive information about them published. In 82% of online sex crimes against minors, the perpetrator used the child's social networking site to learn about their likes and dislikes and 65% of sex offenders used the child's social networking site to find out their address and school. 43% of teens report that they have experienced cyber bullying in the past year. 20% of teens have posted nude or semi-nude photos or videos of themselves online which immediately puts them at risk of that content being shared, exposing them intense humiliation and ruined reputations. [1]

Explain to your child the dangers of the internet. [5] It is absolutely imperative that they understand that what information they share about themselves online is public, even if it is intended to be private as it can be shared with anyone. Once something is online, it is very difficult to get it removed. Therefore children should never use their real names, post phone numbers or addresses and limit photo sharing. Children should never, ever share nude or explicit photos or videos of themselves or agree to meet a person they do not know.

Encourage your child to tell you if they have been solicited. If they are behaving secretly about their online use, become upset when internet access is denied, start receiving phone calls or packages from someone you do not know, and begin downloading pornography it is fair to suspect that they may be engaging in conversations with a predator. [1]

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