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Art Galleries That Buy Paintings Near Me

A visit to the San Antonio Museum of Art (SAMA) takes you around the world and through five thousand years of art in a complex of buildings that once housed the Lone Star Brewery. SAMA is renowned for the most comprehensive ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian art collection in the southern United States. The Nelson A. Rockefeller Latin American art wing spans the ages from the ancient Americas to the present and includes an outstanding collection of popular art. In the contemporary galleries, works of internationally recognized artists share prominence with notable Texas and regional art. The comprehensive Asian art wing displays works from Korea, India, and Japan, and includes an important Chinese ceramics collection.

art galleries that buy paintings near me

Helen T. I serendipitously ran across Art Brokerage online as I searched for a venue to sell one of our paintings. I had mixed experiences dealing with galleries in the past, consigning artworks for sale with them. In addition to their taking a large percentage of the selling price if they sold a piece, I had to ship the pieces to them and trust that they would make an effort to sell the pieces. Galleries in general are not eager to be resellers of someone else's artwork. I've also sold artwork through auctions. This process can take several months to unfold, and there is always a risk of getting bids for far less than a piece is worth. If you put a "reserve" on an artwork it might not sell at all. With no reserve, it might sell for pennies on the dollar that you paid for it. There are also additional fees for photographing and listing items in an auction catalogue. I decided to give Art Brokerage a try: I could keep the painting until it was sold; I could name the minimum price I was willing to accept and it was kept confidential; The painting would be listed the day after I filled out the information describing the painting and sent some photos. It took less than an hour to complete the registration form for the painting. It was listed within a day. Art Brokerage featured it in their new listings and I received an acceptable offer within two days. The process was transparent, easy, and the communication with the Art Brokerage Specialist was timely and helpful. The highest recommendation I can give Art Brokerage is that it will be my first choice for selling future artwork.

There is no question that more and more galleries, collectors, and museums are embracing the importance of self-taught art. Many of the artists we represent now have their art included in the permanent collections of prestigious museums such as the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the New Orleans Museum, the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, and the St. Petersburg Museum of Art in St Petersburg, FL. Recently, the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York added to their collection the work of Lonnie Holley, Purvis Young, and Charlie Lucas.

The one thing that all of these top art cities have in common is that they attract a large number of recurring tourists and have high real estate prices. These cities are known as art meccas for a reason. There are a lot of galleries that vary in quality which run the gamut of all art genres. There are big drawbacks however to buying art in cities like this however. As mentioned before, real estate prices are high and the overall cost of doing business is astronomical so in order to make a profit these galleries are often charging prices that only the ultra-affluent can afford. The price doesn't necessarily align with the value that the art collector receives from the art. The nature photography artwork in particular tends to be cliched and designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator as well since the prime objective is to sell rather than inspire through art.

One red herring are the galleries that do not list any prices for the artwork. There are several reasons why some galleries do not list prices. The implied thought is that if you have to ask then you can't afford it. Do you want to do business with a pretentious gallery like that? Another reason why some galleries do not list prices is that the galleries want the viewer to inquire about the price so they can launch into a sales pitch to "romance the art". Nefarious reasons for why someone would want to buy art at a gallery like that include spouses who might want to hide large sums of money away by purchasing artwork where the price isn't readily apparent then recoup the money via the secondary art market post-divorce settlement, and for those that engage in money laundering / tax sheltering, etc...

Despite what "art experts" might tell you, museum-quality artwork can be found in more places than just pretentious art galleries. These same "art experts" also say that the only legitimate artwork are pieces that have value on the after-market and that how it looks in your home shouldn't be a consideration factor. I personally think that is a myopic point of view and doesn't take the art collector's desires into account. 041b061a72


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