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Cross-buy is a feature of some digital distribution systems available across multiple device platforms, where users who purchase a license to a specific piece of software are able to use the versions of the software for different device classes at no additional charge.

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Sony Interactive Entertainment introduced cross-buy on PlayStation gaming platforms in August 2012: users who purchased select PlayStation 3 titles would be able to obtain ports for the portable PlayStation Vita console at no additional charge.[1][2] The initiative was later extended to include PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.[3][4]

Microsoft unveiled the similar scheme Xbox Play Anywhere in 2016, which is applicable to digital purchases of games on Microsoft Store across Windows 10, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S attached to the same account.[5] This also includes synchronization of content such as saves and achievements between all platforms. This arrangement is primarily used on first-party titles, but Resident Evil 7: Biohazard became the first third-party title to support Play Anywhere.[6][7][8]

Oculus has a similar concept of cross-buy for Virtual Reality (VR) experiences bought on the Oculus PC VR platform for the Rift and Rift S headsets. PC VR Experiences which have subsequently appeared for the mobile virtual reality headsets Quest and Quest 2 can be made available to Quest/Quest 2 consumers without having to be bought a second time; however, the decision to support cross-buy lies with the game developers.[9]

This post will help you understand the key differences between the two main types of buy-sell agreements, cross purchase and entity purchase plans. A defining question to be answered by the agreement is whether an exiting owner sells their ownership to their partners or to the business itself. But as you will see, there are a number of other considerations with administration, tax, and financial implications.

The entity purchase or stock redemption plan is easier to implement and understand compared to the cross purchase arrangement. As the business owns the insurance policies and is the sole party to engage with the owner or their estate, there are fewer complications.

The cross-purchase buy-sell agreement typically occurs with a 2 owner situation. While the business purchases an exiting owners interest in a an entity purchase plan, the remaining owners purchase the business interest of their departing or deceased partner with a the cross purchase plan.

Hey there, welcome to the VR Family. Superhot VR is not a cross buy purchase. Your cross buy purchases will be in the Oculus stores. Here's a link with more details: Cross Buy. Also, we would like to share a list off cross buy apps.

Thanks for jumping in @kojack and everyone else! I just wanted to confirm first off that Demeo is available for cross buy. Which means that if you purchase the title in the Oculus App on your PC, you can play it on Quest. And inversely, if purchase it on Quest, it can be played on PC.A cross-buy app purchased on the PC does not require Link or Air Link to be playable on Quest.Link or Air Link is only required if you wants to run an app that is installed on PC, and not Quest. Or if you want to use the PC for other reasons.Also, Demeo can be installed onto the Quest headset even if it was purchased for Rift.@Pierre.Arson if you're still having trouble with Demeo not showing, the support team should be able to help out, but if you have the game purchased on either PC or for Quest, it should be available for both. I'll put a note on your ticket with the support team and they can look into it further with you there.

Hey there, Pierre.Arson! We see you bought the awesome game Demeo on the Rift S and was hoping to play it on your Quest 2. As this is a cross-buy title, you are absolutely able to do this! The way to do this, though, is through the use of an Oculus Link. Since you bought it as a Rift S title first, you will have to play the game with an Oculus Link cable in order for it to run properly. We hope this information helps!

It is cross-buy because you are still able to play the game regardless of the device you're using. There are games that are Quest 2 exclusives and would be unable to play on the Rift while other games you can buy for the Quest 2 and still play with both devices. Yes, you will need a link to play all available Rift titles since it is ran through the computer and not through the headset.

However looking at the individual store pages, it doesn't match the typical cross buy info. A typical cross buy game lists Rift and Quest in the side panel, like this (The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners):

OculusSupport seems confused though, cross buy has never applied to using Link to play Rift games. It's specifically about getting a free version on one Oculus store when you buy on another Oculus store (there's technically 4 Oculus stores: Rift, Quest, Go and GearVR, although the last 2 are the same thing listed twice)

I have been in contact with Oculus support and I had to explain to that person what is a cross-buy game and how it is supposed to work. He keep sending me old news, old links with no clue on how to answer this cross buy issue. He keeps email me article from 2019 that just doesn't help. I think they should make things much clearer. But who am I to complain. Me, the little consumer among thousands...

In a cross purchase buy-sell agreement, each business owner buys a life insurance policy on the other owner(s). With multiple owners, this can get very complex and complicated. Instead, try a trusteed cross purchase buy-sell, in which a third-party (acting as trustee) takes care of the buy-sell arrangement. Each owner transfers his or her share of the business to the trust, then the trustee purchases a single life insurance policy on each owner. The trust is the owner and beneficiary of the policies.

Cross-Progression allows you to play a game on PC, console, or mobile while keeping progress and collections across all devices. For paid games, Cross-Progression does not mean that you can buy a game for one platform and then play it on any platform; you are still required to buy the game for each platform.

A cross purchase buy sell agreement facilitates the transfer of ownership interests of a company. When an owner of a business decides to retire, dies, or is otherwise incapacitated, this agreement will allow the remaining shareholders to purchase the owner's shares.

Cross purchase buy sell agreements have a variety of purposes. One of the main benefits of this document is that it allows the remaining partners in a business to purchase the shares of a partner who is leaving the company. In addition, this document will decide how these shares can be purchased or distributed. For instance, many cross purchase buy sell agreements require proportional distribution.

In essence, a cross purchase buy sell agreement is a contingency plan for when a partner leaves a business and their shares become available. The death of a partner is one of the primary triggers of a cross purchase buy sell agreement. These agreements can include a variety of protections. For example, one partner may buy life insurance policies for the others, and when a partner dies, the payout from the policy can be used to purchase their shares.

When a partner retires, this event can also trigger a cross purchase buy sell agreement. It's possible for these agreements to include a set price for buying out a retiring partner. This amount will need to be regularly updated. In other circumstances, the amount of the buyout can be calculated by an independent appraiser or by using a valuation formula.

In a business where the partners are around the same age, a cross purchase agreement can be very beneficial. However, in larger businesses with multiple partners, the need to purchase life insurance policies for each partner can result in problems.

For example, if there is a large age gap between partners, the younger partners will be required to pay more expensive life insurance premiums. In businesses with a large number of partners, it's possible to consolidate a cross purchase buy sell agreement with an individual trustee. This trustee would have several duties:

The best way for business partners to develop a cross purchase buy sell agreement is to hire a knowledgeable attorney. An attorney can help partners decide how the agreement can be formatted and can then write the agreement. While the agreement is being written, several possible events must be considered:

Virtually every cross purchase buy sell agreement will include a buyout provision that will be triggered upon the death of a business partner. However, several other possible buyout events must be kept in mind by partners. For example, if a partner gets divorced, it's possible that their shares will be given to their former spouse in the divorce settlement, which is a situation the other partners may wish to avoid.

Other buyout events that should be considered when writing a cross purchase buy sell agreement include a partner becoming disabled, a partner declaring bankruptcy, or the decision to fire a minority partner. 041b061a72


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