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As a classic game basically inherited the final line of fantasy series of basic routes, but it also spawned a lack of innovation. Although the masterpiece gimmicks enough attention, but we not only have to stand on the shoulders of giants, but should take the opportunity to see the new scene!


The story of the game takes place 17 years after the events of the fourth season for players to continue the story. In season four, we learn that the second moon has disappeared, peace has been rebuilt in Damcyan, Eblan, and Village of Mist. As for the Baron Kingdom, under the rule of Cecil and Rosa, the two of them managed very well for the country to grow. But 17 years later, the second moon appeared again, and this time its distance with the earth became much closer. It hides the light from the stars, and no one knows what this means. But one day from Ceodore, along with Biggie and Wedge, joined the air force called the Red Wings to fight. He decided to leave this kingdom so that he could build his achievements and escape the shadow of his parents. But when he left the domain, the Baron kingdom was attacked by monsters, and it no longer had the strength to fight back. As a result, Queen Rosa has been kidnapped, at the same time, the Red Wings are also attacked, and Ceodore is the only one alive. As soon as he learned the news of the attack, he quickly returned to the kingdom to assist, but it was too late. So what will happen to the prince? Can he save his mother and restore the power of the kingdom?


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