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Where To Buy A Good Dresser

Much like outdoor patio furniture, a quality dresser can help spruce up your bedroom or foyer and, in our opinion, our quite underrated. Not only do they double as storage for your dress shirts and leggings but they can be styled in a number of ways (hint: go to Pinterest and our guide to the best home decor from Amazon and Target for some aesthetically pleasing inspiration).

where to buy a good dresser

For a simplistic take on your average dresser (but with gorgeous and sustainable wood), the Gemini 6-Drawer Dresser ($999) is one that you can just tell is of the finest quality. Similarly, the quality make of the Wood-Tiled 6-Drawer Dresser ($1,749) would pair exceptionally well with your tile or wood flooring.

This varies based on the retailer and the type of piece you're ordering. Customized, made-to-order furniture can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to ship, while in-stock items should typically ship out within a week. Be sure to consult the retailer's FAQs and reviews for more information on their shipping policies and any anticipated delays.

Individual drawers also act as a sorting system, keeping socks in one spot and underwear in another. Dressers come in a wide range of sizes and styles, but they all come well-built, functional, and complement the bedroom decor. Ahead, learn what to look for when shopping and discover why the following picks are among the best dressers available.

In a large master bedroom, a double dresser that features two wide columns of drawers can organize and hold clothing items for a couple. A dresser that will serve as an overflow for storing blankets and quilts has large, deep drawers to accommodate the oversized items.

Dresser dimensions can vary depending on the number of drawers and dresser size. Small chest of drawers or a vertical dresser tends to be narrower and taller to fit in a smaller bedroom. A horizontal dresser tends to be flatter, wider, and take up more space, but their larger footprint also offers more tabletop space.

While less common, wicker and rattan highlights are sometimes added to wooden or laminate dressers to achieve a cozy rustic-modern look. Metal is another less popular material, but can be appealing to those looking for sleek and modern dressers.

The right dresser brings out your individuality while keeping your clothing, jewelry, and personal items within. Selections for the best dressers relied upon their durability and construction, number of drawers, size, and ease of assembly.

Many of these dressers are easy to clean with a damp cloth or a light dose of the proper wood cleaner. They come in various sizes to suit different spaces, with some offering a convenient size for children. Finally, the list includes assembled and partially assembled options based on price point and installation preferences.

Dressers vary widely in size, ranging from tall, narrow models to shorter, much broader options. While there is no standard one-size-fits-all dresser, finding the perfect size involves measuring the available floor space in the bedroom and allowing for at least 3 inches on both sides of the dresser, as well as space for the drawers to open.

Dressers can range widely in price. For a new expertly-crafted dresser, expect to spend anywhere from a few hundred to more than $1,000. Budget-friendly dressers and secondhand options also can look beautiful and offer excellent value for the money.

Overall, we recommend the Pottery Barn Cayman 6-Drawer Wide Dresser (view at Pottery Barn) because the wooden unit is durable, has a minimal design, and arrives fully assembled for easy installation. For a budget-friendly option, consider the Tvilum Studio Collection Portland Dresser (view at Amazon). The dresser is made of engineered wood and features three drawers that have a sleek laminate finish.

Size: 34"W x 18"D x 48.25"HBest Features: Cherry woodWhile the cherry wood dresser counterpart feels wider and shorter, go for the Alton Chest for a taller, slimmer bedroom style. Drawers stacked atop each other instead of side by side means there's more space to be saved on either side of the drawers.

We knew there was something we loved about this charmingly rustic dresser. It's Hearth & Hand with Magnolia, Chip and Joanna Gaines's exclusive collection for Target. With its subtle use of cane and richly grained wood, this dresser is the stuff of our farmhouse dreams.

Bedroom furniture is a substantial investment. For many of us, our bedroom furniture is one of our most valued and most expensive furniture investments, from the bed frame to the dresser and wardrobe. These items need to be well-crafted, well-designed, and long-lasting. It really pays to do your research and shop around before you choose a specific item or bedroom furniture set.

If you like intricate detailing, handmade finishes, and world influences in your bedroom furniture, you will love what Anthropologie has to offer. Their selection of dressers is particularly impressive, with scalloped detailing, decorative trims, and Moroccan-inspired patterns. If you prefer more minimalist designs, it's also a great place for Mid-century inspired bedroom furniture.

West Elm is one of the best places to buy bedroom furniture if you value quality that will last. We've bought several items from West Elm and can attest to the excellent craftsmanship of their bedroom items. It's that satisfyingly smooth way the drawers pull out of the dressers that will instantly tell you that this furniture is worth the price. The warm and dark, Mid-century-inspired finishes are also wonderful.

If you have a small bedroom, Apt2b has an extensive selection of bedroom furniture suitable for smaller spaces. Beds are the company's speciality, but they also have dressers, side tables, nightstands, and more. We especially like their ranges of painted bedroom furniture that goes well with neutrally-decorated and white bedrooms.

If it's a bedroom furniture set you're after, you can't go wrong with The Home Depot. A variety of styles, materials, and finishes is pretty much guaranteed to get you the look you want, and you won't need to worry about getting your bed, nightstand, and dresser separately.

Best For Reclaimed wooden bed framesFurniture Type Mattresses, bed frames, end tables, dressersFeatures Certified B Corp, FSC & GREENGUARD Gold certified, eco-friendly production, reclaimed & natural materials, made in the USA, gives back, Climate Neutral CertifiedPrice $$

Nothing adorns a bedroom like a beautiful dresser. Bedroom dressers not only provide extra storage but they also infuse as a decorative element in the room. Following is a list of factors to consider when looking for a bedroom dresser:

It also depends on where you live. Some areas may be easier than others. I happen to live in a college town which is sometimes a gold mine for finding deals, particularly in May and August when students are moving in and out.

I found these three images online this morning and I was instantly drawn to them. They look beautiful, they are staged perfectly, and I can imagine them in my house. If I were in the market for a dresser or buffet, these would definitely make my list.

It all depends on how much time you have to devote to it. For me, I never had a full-time opportunity to flip furniture, but I would imagine you could make a great profit if this were your full time job. It's hard to put a dollar amount on it because of factors like where you live, cost of supplies, etc, but it can definitely be lucrative.

Solid wood furniture is a great choice for people looking for something with a bit more quality and character than furniture made from composite wood materials or MDF. Want to know where to buy solid wood furniture? Find out below!

Bedroom drawer organizers and dividers can help you put an end to the chaos of over-stuffed, messy dressers. It'll help you get ready faster and make better use of the storage space in your bedroom. Plus, who doesn't want a tidy bedroom?

Dividers work well in the bedroom because you're often working with deep drawers. In addition, dresser drawer dividers can help with socks, underwear, bras, and clothes that a closet organizer doesn't cover.

These Bamboo Drawer Dividers from the Container Store are spring-loaded and expandable from 18 to 22 inches long. Each one features rubber pads to keep them in place without damaging your drawers. They're easy to adjust, install without tools, and will quickly turn a messy, cavernous dresser drawer into a pleasing, organized compartment drawer.

"Consider using slim bamboo drawer dividers for a show-stopping kitchen utensil drawer," says Caroline Solomon. Bamboo is a renewable, environmentally-friendly option that looks great anywhere. If you like to keep things simple, you could use these same dividers throughout your home for a unified look.

There's a good reason that these drawer divers are best sellers on Amazon, and it's because they're affordable, adjustable, and durable. "I use these expandable drawer dividers in my kids' dresser drawers," interior designer Jessica Welling told Living Cozy. "I love that I can use them either side-to-side or front-to-back, so they can adapt as the kids' clothes get bigger."

The Open Spaces Nesting Trays are an attractive option for organizing your office, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else. They're made from high-quality materials chosen for a low environmental impact and longer product lifespan, and they come in a range of sizes.

You can use the Valet Tray anywhere that needs small storage, but it looks exceptionally sleek when displayed on an office shelf or desk. It's made from genuine leather and measures 5" wide and 8" long. You can create a modular arrangement if you purchase more than one tray.

The Modular Natural Wood Bamboo Space Saver Tray set is a five-part modular design made from eco-friendly bamboo. They're ideal for offices, bathrooms, kitchens, and anywhere with narrower drawers. These trays are lightweight with a natural finish, and you can arrange them in a wide variety of configurations. 041b061a72


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