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Bruno Lavrentiev

Zero Degree Pdf !NEW!

Both Lovers live in Fairbanks, a city that sits approximately sixty-five degrees north of the equator and serves as the second largest population center in the northernmost United State of Alaska. With a centralized populous of no more than thirty thousand human beings, and with thousands of square miles of tundra on all sides, it would probably be better to call Fairbanks a town. Both Lovers rent cabins on the outskirts of town. The cabins are cheap and come complete with sleeping lofts but without the luxury of running water. Outhouses are easy enough to become accustomed to, however the absence of on-site showers can make the maintenance of optimal genital hygiene a challenge. She does try to visit the swimming pool at least three times per week.

Zero Degree Pdf

On the first day of the actualized northern Love affair the ambient temperature in the city-town of Fairbanks will be (and was) minus thirteen degrees Fahrenheit. The Love affair begins by accident (as it would and did) when the female protagonist joins the male protagonist for a Nordic ski. Driving toward the ski trail in His maroon-colored Chevrolet sedan, She does not mention the two-wheel-drive quality of the decidedly un-Alaskan vehicle. Instead, She reads the numbers on a digital thermometer visible through the passenger-side window. "Minus thirteen degrees Fahrenheit," She announces. "Pretty good temperature for Nordic skiing." 041b061a72


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